Our purpose in life

We stop unwanted electronic accessories and devices from being destroyed and going to waste. We find new users for these products continuing their life-cycle in an ethical and environmental manner.

Our values



We practice what we preach. We believe that the best form of recycling is reuse. That’s why we strive for 100% reuse and zero waste. Landfill is not an option for us and we will find a useful home for everything that we process. Our aim is to be a useful contributor to the circular economy and are always looking for ways on how we can use our expertise to make this planet more sustainable by reusing resources.

Delivering Value

Delivering value

Where most companies pay by weight, we are different. We pay our clients based on product type, volume and grade. We take back product and catalogue each batch we receive and pay competitive value for it. We aim to eliminate the hidden costs of managing returned and surplus product by taking ownership of the process from the start. By reducing the number of parties involved, we can return a higher value on unwanted product faster.


Our accreditations

We are one of most accredited companies on planet earth. We ensure we are compliant to the latest environmental legislation and accredited to a wide range of standards to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our clients whilst being respectful of the environment and of our client’s brand. The only reason we will be on a TV documentary is because of how we are demonstrating best practice for the reuse of unwanted technology.

Product Processing

Product processing

When we receive product, it is lovingly processed by our product experts. We have to identify the thousands of products that come to us in order to understand future retail value. Everything that comes through us has a value and a purpose. We have to identify where best that product should be placed in order to return best value to our client and where its likely it will get a new lease of life.

One Stop Solution

One stop solution

The core activity of our business is to recover and reuse products but we also do other stuff! Occasionally, our clients will ask for product to be recycled that cannot go back on the open market. We will take this in and get it broken down into its component parts for them to be reused. We also make good products out of bad by harvesting components to maximise value and reuse potential.

New Users

New users

By developing reuse solutions for accessories and devices, we are making the latest technology accessible to a wider range of people that would not normally have access to this. Because of our passion to ensure we achieve 100% reuse of the products we recover, we able to distribute our client’s recovered products to a new market via our reseller channels throughout planet earth.

What our clients say

The relationship between GSUK and 3 UK has developed to the point where GSUK are now our executive partner for accessory and un-repaired device disposal. GSUK has, without exception, been first class and we very much value them as a long term partner.
Looking back on all the success stories that we were able to accomplish due to GSUK, they are now our preferred partner for processing our handsets, laptops and accessories.
Carphone Warehouse
In the fast changing market, GSUK continue to be our preferred purchaser of mobile phone accessories and electronic equipment. We are pleased to be associated with GSUK.
Kuehne + Nagel
Environmentally focused and working within WEEE legislation, GSUK generates a positive awareness of recycling whilst promoting and protecting the environment. To conclude, GSUK are giving an excellent customer service experience.
The Phone House

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