Our community

Our commitment to the community is important to us and we always try to play an active role. Whether that’s creating opportunities for employment, apprenticeships for young people or raising funds for local charities, we are keen to play our part.

What we believe

Green Apple

Positive Contributor

From the outset, we wanted to create a business that is a positive contributor to the environment and to society itself through the reuse of recovered products reducing demand on precious resources such as rare earth metals, manufacturing and landfill but we also wanted to make it sustainable so that our legacy will continue for generations. Delivering our vision, we believe that we will make a difference to planet earth, the people that work for us and for our clients.

Our People

Our People

We are extremely proud of the people that work for us and we are very keen to understand and expand their skill set so they can continue to develop themselves to support our business growth. Our training and development covers many angles from product training through to personal development. We actively encourage internal promotion to retain the best talent but we also recognise the importance of bringing in new talent so our company continues to challenge itself.

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Our Commitment

We are passionate about playing an active role in our community. From setting up apprenticeship schemes, supporting our local schools and colleges and employing local people through organisations like Surrey Choices – we try to reach out to all in our communities. We also take part in numerous fund raising events with our charity partners. To date we have participated in over 50 events and raised in excess £250K as well as received recognition for our contribution to our communities.

How we contribute

Xmas Visits

Community Support

We believe in supporting our communities. We reach out to our schools and colleges providing support to encourage young people to develop their skills and improve their work prospects. We have a programme of financial aid and volunteering care with local hospitals and care centres where we provide financial aid and volunteer visiting. We work with a number of organisations that focus on the urgent needs of people in crisis such as aid for the homeless in winter or women’s refuge centres.

NUTS Challenge


We select up to five charity partners and run fund raising programmes over a two year period. In 2017, we raised almost £40,000 for our charities and we encouraged our employees to get involved and make a difference whether it be through sky diving or running cake sales. We ask our customers to get involved too and we select our charities based on core values and aligned to our strategic aims.

To find out more about our chosen charities, visit the Group charity page.

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Putting people first

We believe that for a sustainable business, we need to put people first. Whether this is our own people and providing wellness programmes or developing their skills or in attracting new talent through recruitment channels not commonly explored by others. We believe in giving all people a chance and this means we enjoy a vibrant and diverse workforce.

Recyclewise - Charity Recycling

GSUK has set up mobile recycling / take back schemes for use by charities on a non-profit basis to raise funds from the value generated by recycling handsets received from their supporters.

By using our environmentally aware proven processes, GSUK is able to return on average more than 70% of the handset’s value back to the charities. The charities benefit from a fully managed service including; account handling, full marketing support in the form of collateral, provision of tote boxes to support handset collections from their corporate supporters.


The Scheme

The take-back scheme is a fully working operation that collects, refurbishes and redistributes old and damaged mobile phone handsets. The money raised through the redistribution of these handsets provides charities with much needed, regular donations, helping them to carry on the good work they do on a daily basis.

The scheme is available to any charitable organisation, allowing them to offer their supporters and the wider community a chance to donate by handing in old mobile phones. In the UK alone there are an estimated 90 million handsets lying broken or unused in drawers and cupboards. The publicity and ease of schemes available to recycle mobile phones has made it a popular way to raise funds.

The scheme offers a sustainable source of fundraising and one that is fully managed from start to finish. The ease of implementation allows supporters the chance to donate without putting their hands in their pockets each time they do so.

The recycling of mobile phones also has a huge benefit to the environment, preventing handsets from going to landfill and re-use reduces the demand for the manufacture of new units, which reduces the consumption of resources and factory emissions.

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