What we do

We stop unwanted electronic accessories and devices being destroyed and going to waste. We provide services that allows our clients to reuse products themselves and also provide recycling services for product that cannot be resold as well as component harvesting allowing devices to be reused.


Waste is an unfortunate by-product of modern life especially with technology products. How you manage it can make your brand stand out or make it suck. Our expertise and methodology ensure we deliver solutions to maximise value recovered from your various returns channels. They are designed to protect your brand and support your sustainability policies. In 2013 alone, we avoided 3,767 tonnes of waste going to landfill.


We strongly believe that reuse is the best form of recycling and therefore our processes are designed to strive for 100% reuse and zero landfill. All product received by us is segregated, catalogued, graded and tested. This determines where and how product should be placed. This enables  us to achieve best value for our clients but also deliver confidence in the knowledge that the final destination is ethical and safe.


Environmental compliance is at the heart of what we do. If product cannot be recycled because its not viable or the client has requested for it to be recycled so as not to appear in the marketplace again, we can provide environmentally safe processes to do so with the aim to extract as many raw components as possible for reuse. We provide the evidence notes to verify that we have done exactly what we said we would do.

What we recover and reuse



Power, essential for any mobile, is currently our most popular recovered product. When we first started, we pioneered a new form of recycling. Since then, we have taken in tonnes of surplus accessories as spaghetti which our clients thought was scrap and turned it into value. Previously thought to be worthless and destined to be recycled, we transformed this product into reusable & resalable items. So far, we have recovered over 22.7 million products and currently processing over 250K items per month!



Planet earth is awash with chargers, leads and earpieces. Add upgrades, headsets, smartwatches to the mix and the choice is phenomenal! And the wearable tech revolution has only just begun! In terms of managing end of life and returns, accessories are a problem in terms of write-down and what to do with the sheer volume of product. This is where we step in. We remove the problem with our award winning processes and focus on delivering a competitive return whilst protecting brand and the environment.



Having proven ourselves with accessory recovery, our clients requested that we recover devices. We now specialise in damaged and end of life devices. We extend the device life so they can be placed where they are needed most. Whether that be in developing markets or closer to home, it allows people access to the latest technology for a lower entry price.  Personal data is wiped. If not possible, the device will be recycled but not before harvesting parts to save the next mobile. 1.2m devices and counting!

Services we provide

Surplus Stock

Product expertise

Utilising our expertise in identifying and managing returned product / surplus stock, we can help solve our customer’s stock problems. Our speciality is accessories but we also manage devices. Whether its 14 day returns, obsolete stock or stock that cannot be returned for credit from the manufacturer, we can help return value. We will test, grade and categorise it. We will then manage the sell through using our established reseller channels to maximise value.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting

As one of the most accredited companies for recycling and waste management for technology, we can provide a complete audit trail from collection through to breakdown of raw materials. We can also provide the appropriate evidence notes to satisfy WEEE and CSR requirements. We work with organisations such as the Environment Agency and EMAS to ensure we are fully accredited, regularly audited and working within the required legislative controls.

Battery Recycling

Battery recycling

GSUK provide full battery recovery and processing solutions for our customers. With our ABTO accreditation our solution addresses both the legal and ethical issues that often arise from the disposal of mobile phone batteries, as well as the commercial benefits of reusing tested product back into stock. Where stock is not required to be re-injected to our customers, we provide them with a competitive revenue return for their used battery cells.

Data Erasure

Data wiping

We provide data wiping solutions for mobile devices and for hard drives. We have invested in technology that ensures that mobile devices or hard drives containing confidential information, is wiped clear as quickly and effectively as possible.  We have the capability to process devices and hard drives with a multi-pass process to an extent that would exceed industry benchmarks.

Charity Recycling

Responsible recycling

Our business predominately recovers and reuses mobile technology products but we also do other stuff! We also provide full recovery, reuse and recycle services for hard drives, PC’s, tablets and set top boxes. We also offer recycling, reprocessing and redistribution services to large organisations that need to effectively deal with old, damaged and waste product lines.

Sell Through

Reseller Network

To be able to give best value to our clients, you need to have a ready made marketplace. Over the past 10 years, we have built a robust reseller network that extends to all corners of the world. They trust us to provide high quality products that are genuine, tested and ready for reuse. This network of resellers allows us to place high volume on the marketplace without eroding value.

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