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We are a global service provider delivering recovery, recycling and reuse solutions for technology products. Our goal is to extend the life of mobile technology products and find new users for them. We strive for 100% reuse and zero landfill. Waste is not an option.



Waste is an unfortunate by-product of modern life especially with technology products. How you manage your waste, will either make you or break you. Our expertise and approach ensures we deliver solutions to maximise value recovered from your various returns channels. They are designed to protect your brand and support your sustainability policies. We can manage the entire process of recovery for you or work with your partners, allowing you to focus on your core business. In our life to date, we’ve avoided 8,300 tonnes of waste going to landfill.


We strongly believe that reuse is the best form of recycling and therefore our processes are designed to strive for 100% reuse and zero landfill. All product received by us is segregated, catalogued, graded and tested. This determines where and how product should be placed. This enables us to achieve best value for our clients but also deliver confidence in the knowledge that the final destination is ethical and safe. Our vast capability in redistribution channels provides our clients with so many more options for finding new uses and new users.


Environmental compliance is at the heart of what we do. If product cannot be recycled because it’s not viable or our client has requested it to be recycled so as not to appear in the marketplace again, we can provide environmentally safe processes to do so, extracting as many raw components as possible for reuse. We provide the evidence notes to verify that we have done exactly what we said we would do which our clients find most useful for sharing with their customers and stakeholders in today’s CSR driven society.

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