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Where is your company e-waste going?

Where is your company e-waste going?

Take a look around you…how many electronic devices do you have in front of you? We can guarantee there is at least a work computer, laptop or phone! But have you considered where these will end up when they have reached the end of their lifecycle?

Technology plays an important role in the management and operations of most companies today – often driving forward automation and streamlining business processes. Yet, the responsible disposal of corporate electronics is often overlooked, and devices are left to fall in to the typical waste stream.

1.4 million tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) are sent to landfill every year in the UK, from mobile phones to computers and printers, leaking harmful toxins into the earth. To have a truly sustainable impact on the growing e-waste problem, companies need to consider repairing, reusing and recycling their electronics.

At GSUK, we work with companies to reduce the environmental impact by recovering and re-using electronics where possible and offering responsible recycling solutions as a last resort. So far, we have stopped more than 8,000 tonnes of e-waste going to landfill – that is the equivalent of 651 double decker buses!

Our CEO, Christian McBride, shares his thoughts on the responsibility of companies to handle their e-waste and help protect planet Earth. Head to IT Pro Portal to read the full article here.

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