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GSUK win Best CSR Initiative of the Year Award

GSUK receive recognition at the Mobile Industry Awards 2019

MIAOn 6th June 2019, GSUK in partnership with Three were named winners of the CSR Initiative of the Year Award at the Mobile Industry Awards.

The award comes in recognition of GSUK’s and Three UK’s collaborative Reconnected programme.

For most of us, having access to a smartphone and being able to connect to the digital world is something a lot of people take for granted. However, for around 20 million people in the UK, it is a luxury they can’t afford – but both GSUK and Three believed it was something they couldn’t afford to miss out on. So together, GSUK and Three have worked alongside some amazing charities to launch the Reconnected initiative and help disadvantaged people all over the UK get connected to the digital world.

It is thought that in the UK, the average household has between 3 to 4 unused mobile devices laying around collecting dust. These could be donated to Reconnected instead to give others who really need one, a helping hand. The smartphones donated to the Reconnected programme help a variety of people who are currently living in difficult circumstances, including young people at risk of homelessness, those who may have just left the military, or victims who have experienced domestic abuse – the list goes on. Whether it’s helping them to learn new skills, get job alerts or even simply become more independent, this small gesture can have life changing effects for them. It’s really simple, devices that are surplus to requirement for some, can help those in need, get reconnected to the online world.

To give you an example of how the Reconnected programme has positively changed the lives of some of the UK’s most disadvantaged people, below is some feedback from individuals who have benefitted from Reconnected and how it has changed their lives.

I’ve really enjoyed using the smartphone, it’s enabled me to look for work on indeed and other jobsites instead of having to rely on my friend helping me to do. It’s also made me more confident at using the internet as I’ve always shied away from it in the past.”

I’d definitely recommend the Reconnected programme. It’s made a huge difference to my life and to where I am now.”

Mobile use of the internet, especially accessing emails is the best thing. I didn’t have this available to me before the phone was donated to me. The phone has been used to research and email perspective companies for new jobs and has indeed helped me get employed.”

I have had four interviews since having this phone and now on courses to improve myself in job search and interview technique.”

I was completely computer illiterate until I received my phone. It has given me a lot more confidence. Thank you very much.”

I would like to say how lovely the phone is, I like the large screen and the ease of use. I managed to download a couple of apps that I found very useful in helping me to find a job. I can also keep in touch with family and friends on the internet.”

Thank you so much for the phone today, it is a lifeline and will enable me to contact my sons at university. It will allow me to contact friends on social media, receive important news information and obtain advice and information. Also I have no tv at the present time so this phone will enable me to have a better quality of life, thank you so much.”

It’s a pleasure to be working in partnership with Three and we are enormously proud have launched the Reconnected initiative, to have been recognised by the Mobile Industry Awards and to be awarded ‘Best CSR Initiative of the Year’ is the icing on the cake.

It is extremely satisfying to win an award for our commitment, but it was not recognition that we set out to achieve, we just wanted to make the world a better place. What makes it all worthwhile is knowing that we are helping better the lives of those who currently find themselves in less fortunate circumstances.

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