Do you have any unwanted, unused mobile devices laying around at home collecting dust?

If so, you could make a huge difference to someone else’s life in your Borough by donating your unused devices to the Mobile Mop Up programme. Mobile Mop Up is an initiative launched by GSUK to support us on our mission to save the planet by preventing unwanted electronic accessories and devices being sent to landfill.

GSUK have partnered up with Kingston Council and The Mayor’s Charitable Trust in order to raise money for the Mayor’s chosen charities, Oxygen and the Kingston Centre for Independent Living, through the recovery, data-wiping and resale of donated mobile phones.

Once received, our team of experts will begin the recovery process, or as we like to call it, the Re-Love process – the technicians will power up the device, test it and make any necessary repairs. The hand handsets are then given a good clean, the latest firmware is installed and voilà the handsets are as good as new ready for a new user!

All phones donated will be securely wiped free of any data at the start of the process.

You can hand in your unwanted or unused handset at your most convenient collection point throughout the borough, all drop off locations can be found below.

You can also interact with the GSUK online via Linkedin and Twitter, using the hashtag #KingstonMobileMopUp, as well as emailing the GSUK team.

Yes, you can return any unused mobile phones – there are no limits on the age or model, although the newer the handset, the possibility of more money being raised for charity is greater. Either way, we’ll be able to either re-love your old device extending the lifecycle of the handset and find it a new home, or alternatively, if the the handset is not in a recoverable condition, we will harvest any parts which can be used to recover another device and any remaining materials will be recycled in an fully compliant and ethical manner.

No, just the handset by itself is great.

Yes please, make sure you take out the SIM card before you donate your old phone as we won’t be able to return it.

A little bit about the charities Mobile Mop Up is supporting

Many young people struggle to discover their true identity, skills and attributes. They need someone who can encourage, help and support them in responding to the challenges they face. Oxygen provide youth work to those who are most in need and try to find creative ways to show them they are valued, loved and that we believe in them.

Your donated device will raise much needed funds to help Oxygen and allow them to continue supporting young individuals in our Borough.

For more information visit Oxygen online.


KCIL’s mission is to provide information, advice and support to all disabled people living in the Royal Borough of Kingston and the surrounding areas and to empower them to have a voice, take control of their lives, and be treated equally.

Funds raised from your donated device will allow KCIL to continue providing a range of services to make sure that disabled people who live, work or study in Kingston are able to lead independent lives.

For more information visit KCIL online

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