Genuine Solutions team up with North East Lincolnshire Council to support families in need

GSUK are very proud to work in conjunction with North East Lincolnshire Council and Northern Lincolnshire Business Connect to support those in need to change lives, helping disadvantaged people to get connected to the digital world, lending a hand by providing recovered mobile devices and accessories that are surplus for some – a small gesture that makes a big difference to those in need through our award-winning donation programme, Reconnected in partnership with Three.

Part of a wider initiative Mobile Mop Up, launched by GSUK to support its mission to save the planet by preventing unwanted electronic accessories and devices being sent to landfill, whilst helping vulnerable and the under privileged who find themselves in difficult circumstances reconnect to the online world, helping them become more independent, learn new skills, bringing families together through technology to improve communication, family life and access to services.

Dominic Strauli, GSUK Business Development – Device Recovery Manager says “It is an absolute privilege to be able to support North East Lincolnshire Council to make a real difference to people’s lives especially in this difficult time during the pandemic. We are committed to making the world a better place and being able to play our part whilst giving back to the community and protect the environment. Our Partnership with Kingston Council, The Mayor’s Charitable Trust and now North East Lincolnshire Council allows us to reuse donated mobile devices and accessories from our Reconnected programme to support those who need it most”.

For more information about the schemes and how we could partner with you to help your local community, please contact us at

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