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GSUK bring industry together in fight against waste

GSUK bring industry together in fight against waste

Following on from the success of GSUK’s Roundtable, an event which for the first time brought together UK operators, Three, O2, Vodafone and charity Thames21, to discuss opportunities where cross-industry collaboration could have a positive environmental impact on our planet, GSUK received overwhelming feedback from a number of peers, who too wanted to be part of this initiative – bringing together businesses where a collaborative approach has a positive environmental impact on both our own operations as well as society as a whole

Off the back of this, GSUK realised that there is no better time than the present to take action, so pushed forward with Thames21 to organise an event that would further strengthen partnerships through conjoined ambitions to unite and rid the planet of waste.

We are drowning in plastic, putting wildlife at risk and losing valuable green space. Thames21 finds solutions to these problems by connecting people with waterways and putting healthy rivers back at the heart of everyday life. They restore rivers, educate the community and campaign for positive change. They monitor water quality, restore habitats and empower people through outdoor learning sessions and river stewardship.

Similar to Thames21 who are focusing on taking waste out of the river systems, GSUK’s core focus is extracting waste from our industry and the wider society to reduce the impact it has on planet earth. To give a sense and feel of the scale of our impact to date, GSUK have avoided 8,237 of waste going to landfill, which is the equivalent to 832,020,202 500ml plastic bottles!

With aligned aspirations of ridding the planet of unnecessary waste, GSUK took the initiative to bring the industry together and gather key individuals from DPD, Three, 02, Brightstar and XL Communications to take part in an industry first, corporate river clean day.

Genuine Solutions Group CEO, Christian McBride said, “It’s hugely rewarding to launch an initiative in the form of cross-industry collaboration, where businesses unite and work together towards one purpose – to have a positive impact on our environment. Whether that is through the way we run our operations or through events like today’s. It is a real privilege to work in collaboration with companies with similar visions and mindsets when it comes to environmental sustainability. From the first GSUK roundtable to today’s river clean event, we want to continue to build on events such as these, drive up interest and grow the group of companies involved.

It’s hugely rewarding to launch an initiative in the form of cross-industry collaboration, where businesses unite and work together towards one purpose – to have a positive impact on our environment

I would personally like to thank DPD, Vodafone, Three and Brightstar for joining us today, but also to Thames21 for being great hosts. It was a real eye opener when you realise just how much waste is polluting our rivers and water ways, the habitats in which are being destroyed and the wildlife that it is being killed off from the lack of human consideration when disposing of waste. The time is now to make a stand and play our part, if we can plant the seed now and work towards a greener way of living, it will become the norm for future generations, plus the added bonus is that they’ll have the chance to enjoy the true beauty our planet has to offer.”

Hosted by Thames21, the day comprised of educational keynotes from a number of river cleaning pioneers on the importance of keeping our rivers clean, plus presentations from Thames21, which consisted of various case studies based on the magnificent work they have done in protecting our waterways, how they operate, how together we can play our part in making a difference and their vision for the future.
Having had an insight into the damage being caused by amount of unnecessary waste found in our rivers, it was time to roll up the sleeves, hit the banks of the River Thames and make a start clearing litter washed up on the banks. The amount of waste littering our rivers is shocking as each attendee experienced first-hand.

It was great to see everyone come together and be involved in making a positive impact on our environment. We hope this is the start of much bigger things to come where the mobile industry can work together to make a difference to reverse the impact of environmental damage through consumerism and create a dynamic example on how things can be achieved working together for a common purpose.

By uniting together, we can do so much. As an industry if we unite, we can really make an impact and a difference to the world we live in, leaving a much better place for the future generation. It’s time for us all to stand up and be counted, to work together and save our beautiful planet before it’s too late.

GSUK will be holding similar events in the future. If you would be interested in taking part or would like to discuss any environmental or industry related issues you face as a business contact us on info@gsuk.eu.

If you would like to find out more about Thames21 and the work they do please click here.

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